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Hello everyone,

It’s been one long minute…. Mocha Chic is doing good I am pleased to report. We are growing day by day and working out how to get better while making the most of every experience.

Very soon I will do a solid update on all that’s happened this far.

This morning i’m just reflecting on a magazine article I came across and wanted your input on it.


Please check out this jingle right quick.

I wrote a comment on the Cosmopolitan SA #Youtube channel which i deleted thinking im just over reacting.

PS! This comment was written before i played the clip to the end which is where they are dressed up.

It’s still on my mind so i’ve copied my comment here for your thoughts and perhaps my education.


Dear Cosmo,

I only caught up on reading my magazine today hence the very delayed comment.

I wish body positive messages from influential like yourselves, didn’t feel like they perpetuate the idea that being body positive means less clothes on.

It’s the easiest cop out and most overused route to explain what it means to be comfortable in your own skin. and most companies seem to follow the same route despite the fact that their audiences and readers being realistically cannot walk around in such skimpy attire.

Social media is already riddled with fellow fat women (yes I’m fat) prancing around naked because they’ve being sold that this is what being body positive is.

I do see that your models are wearing sportswear. However these woman are also in swimming pools and bikinis, er cant use the argument that wearing the garments makes them go swimming for exercise. They just pose like your models do in sports wear.

Personally i’ve had it up to my (ahem) with naked or semi naked fellow fat girls. I don’t see the need to parade my privates to prove my body confidence. I don’t see skinny girls being asked to do the same to prove their body confidence levels.

If they are naked, it is NOT for the exclusive purpose of sending the message “you must be naked to be confident and sexy”.

And these 3 women perhaps digitally manipulated (i don’t know) are a far cry from what the women who are likely to buy this idea look like.

There are no stretch marks that I can see, no cellulite, a few rolls but no hanging tummies, no flabby arms.

They all 3 have long bodies with long dimpleless thighs and legs and no excessive butts and hips to deal with. So i’m left wondering who is this message really for?

What is wrong with using the average “fat girl”? She would be more relate-able to promote a body positive message, rather than one that fits in the “model ” scope albeit plus-size?

And also does it not bother anyone that the audience this is meant for and who buys into this narrative will be googled by potential employers?

Do you think those potential employers will see body confidence or desperation?

If you think i’m exaggerating just search BBW parties and groups on #facebook. When I see such posts I always ask myself, do you not worry about your career or business reputation/ambitions?

Is being fat and having body confidence a fight against having a stylish closet meant for full daily dressing?
We are not living life posing at the gym pool or lounging around half naked everyday.

Just my two pennies as a one who thinks of herself as a body confidence champion too.


Mocha Chic is a brand focused on building positive body confidence.

For me, Wendy, lack of body confidence is an unpleasant but well lived experience.

It took a lot of hard work to build the right kind of confidence. One that I feel has left me without having to compromise my reputation for LIKES and public validation.My version of “body positive” leaves you feeling sexy with my clothes on. So as much as “nudity” is commonly used to portray confidence, I personally feel we are more than what our bodies seem to have to offer on this topic.

And as the affected plus size demographic we need to start being more vocal about that.

So this is where you come in, I’d love to hear:

Do you think my view 👇 on the #bodyconfidence trend and how business uses it is over the top?

What are your views on the trend?

The message is a good one it but doesn’t matter who carries it or how they carry it?