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So a few days after the #FashionWithoutBoarders main event at the #ParkInn in Sandton which attracted many industry professionals, #MochaChic received an invitation from #Vodacom to participate in a private fashion show which would be organised and hosted by Vodacom at #Vodaworld.

The requirements were:

  1. Create 5 looks
  2. They must all be primarily red

We delivered on both accounts and the love from the models, organizers and the crowd was overwhelming.

Personally I’ve been trying to select a favorite outfit but its impossible because even though they are of the same colour, they are very different and appeal to me in much the same way which in that, they are flirty and confident. If I had the body for it I would wear all of them with equal frequency.

I think what has made every piece a favourite for me is that they reflect who I am as an individual.

I love this passion colour and it’s already in most areas of Mocha Chic’s life, so using it in different textures and hues all at the same time was an extra bonus because again, the fabric types were those I most strongly resonate with. I love soft, feminine fashion crafted in strongly structured lines. And I feel like this is exactly what I got out of this project, each piece has a small element of severity whether in design or fabric choice.

I guess this collection should in essence be called the: Wendy by Night Collection, because it really is everything I would wear and wish I could wear.

Thank you for visiting Mocha Chic and I’d love to get feedback from you about this post.

I apologise in advance for poor image quality.

Gallery link to pictures: events gallery